A Beginner’s Guide to Accessing Koala Data and What To Do With It

This toolkit is designed to help environment groups and concerned citizens access and use the NSW government's SEED portal to show the impact of planned developments on koala habitat. 

it includes:

Koala Data Webinar (recorded 28th July 2023)

The webinar covers:

  1. How to access SEED maps, including:
    1. How to add a location (street address / LGA boundaries / Development lot)
    2. How to add Koala Habitat Suitability Layer (from Koala Habitat Information Base) 
    3. How to add BioNet Koala Sightings
    4. How to add all species sightings (colour coded by threatened species status)
  2. Guest speaker Cerin Loane (Special Council Nature) from EDO explains how best to utilise this information to advocate for koalas.

Additional resources:

Note: SEED is accessed via the web and is freely available without a login. It is best to access SEED on a computer rather than a mobile phone. You can still join the webinar on a phone to watch the demo, and then try it yourself later on a computer. You do not need to download any specialist software to access SEED